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What users say about mbed TLS and PolarSSL

A source of motivation

We are passionate about what we do and make. Our users and their feedback make us want to push what we do with mbed TLS even further!

Here is just a small grasp of the feedback we have received.
  • OpenSSL is a nightmare to port compared to PolarSSL (congratulations!). By the way, I wanted to thank you for having such a great tutorial as well. I literally block copied most of the SSL client code directly into my app and was compiling in under 30 minutes.

    Jason H.
  • Compared to other libraries, PolarSSL is small and easy to use. I could even run all your tests on our platform without a problem!

    Rob W.
  • I'm proud to present version 8.0 of the Hiawatha webserver. Another big change is that OpenSSL has been replaced with PolarSSL. Unlike OpenSSL, PolarSSL is well documented and easy to learn. Hiawatha's SSL library is much cleaner and simpler due to PolarSSL. No more dirty callback stuff to make it work.

    Hugo Leisink (hiawatha-webserver.org)
  • Thanks for your great work, I love your minimalistic coding style.

    Henning P.
  • Thanks a lot for sharing your code! And congratulations for a very clean implementation.

    Armando A.
  • Thanks for this excellent library.

    Matt C.
  • Thank you for this crypto library which is really awesome!

  • By the way, this library is *so* awesome. It's just absolutely trivial to include the crypto functions you need into a project without pulling in megabytes of library code.

    Michael S.
  • After trying several open source and retail software packages, PolarSSL was decided by unanimous decision to be implemented into our solution.

    Many packages offer similar levels of support capabilities, such as Cipher and Key generation, but most are bloated with many confusing and difficult options that most developers will not need nor understand. PolarSSL really does get you up and running in the world of SSL very quickly!

    We have found the documentation to be exemplary, which in an Open Source environment, is quite unusual. The high-level design document and API, for example, are exceptional and up to date.

    Using the Software:
    Firstly, the ease of compilation for the different environments was second to none. Our company provides Linux, Windows and embedded systems and PolarSSL, with its modular approach, makes moving our code between platforms very simple and limits the increase in our application footprint. Compiling under Windows, using VS 2008, was completed in less than 30 secs. Some of the packages we tried had many, many steps to complete before the compilation could even start and then broke several times during compilation!

    Secondly, PolarSSL provides well documented code and very good examples.

    Thirdly, the code itself is of a very high standard and has been rigorously checked for memory mismanagement, leaks etc and was found to be very good. PolarSSL source also has very good error handling, which is paramount in our environment.

    On a final point, we have needed limited support, most support is available via the documentation, forum or examples provided, but the support we have obtained has been excellent.

    Richard H.