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PolarSSL Security Advisory 2014-04

Title Remote attack using crafted certificates
CVE CVE-2015-1182
Date 19th of January 2015
Affects PolarSSL 1.0 and up
Not affected mbed TLS 1.3.10 and up, PolarSSL 1.2.13 and up and any version with servers not asking for client certificates
Impact Denial of service and possible remote code execution
Severity High
Exploit Withheld

PolarSSL versions starting with 1.0 and up to the PolarSSL 1.3.9 and PolarSSL 1.2.12 are affected by a remote attack in some configurations.

This vulnerability was internally discovered using the Codenomicon Defensics test suite and reported externally by Certified Secure.

This Security Advisory describes the vulnerability, impact and fix for the attack.


During the parsing of a ASN.1 sequence, a pointer in the linked list of asn1_sequence is not initialized by asn1_get_sequence_of(). In case an error occurs during parsing of the list, a situation is created where the uninitialized pointer is passed to polarssl_free().

This sequence can be triggered when a PolarSSL entity is parsing a certificate. So practically this means clients when receiving a certificate from the server or servers in case they are actively asking for a client certificate.


Depending on the attackers knowledge of the system under attack, this results at the lowest into a Denial of Service, and at the most a possible Remote Code Execution.


The fix is a one-line addition to asn1parse.c:

diff --git a/library/asn1parse.c b/library/asn1parse.c
index a3a2b56..e2117bf 100644
--- a/library/asn1parse.c
+++ b/library/asn1parse.c
@@ -278,6 +278,8 @@ int asn1_get_sequence_of( unsigned char **p,
             if( cur->next == NULL )
                 return( POLARSSL_ERR_ASN1_MALLOC_FAILED );

+            memset( cur->next, 0, sizeof( asn1_sequence ) );
             cur = cur->next;

Workaround and resolution

Apply the above patch to your codebase, or download and use mbed TLS 1.3.10 or PolarSSL 1.2.13.

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Last updated:
Feb 16, 2015


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