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PolarSSL 1.3.0 RC0 ready for checking


This is the first (and probably final) release candidate (RC0) of the 1.3.0 release. The 1.3 branch brings a number of major new features, internal changes, bug fixes and security fixes.

In the coming days we will dive into the new features in more detail and show you how to migrate from the 1.2 branch to the 1.3 branch. But now we need your help with testing compilation on different platforms.

If you have the time, please download the release candidate, compile it on your platform and inform us of any issues you run into.



  • When using regular make: make clean && make
  • When using CMake: cmake . && make clean && make (With CMake you can choose to run cmake -i instead and enable Debug for better debugging support.

In order to run the framework tests:

  • When using regular make: make check
  • When using CMake: make test

The basic tests are in:

  • programs/test/selftest
  • programs/test/benchmark

If you feel adventurous and want to test ciphersuites against openssl:

cd tests

What's new

In short, we have added Elliptic Curve crypto, Pre-shared key-based ciphersuites and different abstraction layers for memory allocation and public key cryptography.

In addition much more granular control over what is compiled in, allowing you to make releases even smaller.

Download links

Get your copy here: polarssl-1.3.0-rc0-gpl.tgz


The hashes for polarssl-1.3.0-rc0-gpl.tgz are:

SHA-1  : dc93252ece0a4cb185dd9a7469297e851311b57e
SHA-256: cde41dd4024058584986299d2b7797212e627919ca4da3c760e852f2f6dde76b

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Last updated:
Sep 18, 2013


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