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Bugfix release PolarSSL 1.1.5

PolarSSL version 1.1.5 available

This bugfix release backports a number of bugfixes from the 1.2 branch back into the 1.1 branch. No new features are added in this release. If you are using the 1.1 branch we strongly encourage you to check out the changes in the ChangeLog and update your version if necessary.

From the ChangeLog


   * Fixed MPI assembly for SPARC64 platform
   * Handle existence of OpenSSL Trust Extensions at end of X.509 DER blob
   * mpi_add_abs() now correctly handles adding short numbers to long numbers
     with carry rollover
   * Moved mpi_inv_mod() outside POLARSSL_GENPRIME
   * Prevent reading over buffer boundaries on X509 certificate parsing
   * mpi_exp_mod() now correctly handles negative base numbers (Closes ticket
   * Fixed possible segfault in mpi_shift_r() (found by Manuel
   * Allow R and A to point to same mpi in mpi_div_mpi (found by Manuel
   * Added max length check for rsa_pkcs1_sign with PKCS#1 v2.1
   * Memory leak when using RSA_PKCS_V21 operations fixed
   * Handle encryption with private key and decryption with public key as per
     RFC 2313
   * Fixes for MSVC6


   * Fixed potential memory zeroization on miscrafted RSA key (found by Eloi

Download links:

Get your copy here: polarssl-1.1.5-gpl.tgz


The hashes for polarssl-1.1.5-gpl.tgz are:

MD5    : bc66a2183c15bf5884fa6a25748b8bc1
SHA-1  : cce9360585fd84ec5df74263da77665ccc9a1004
SHA-256: 67229eb268867b4ad5559616fc769a9e204e5ed07af3392d7db2258595f738b6

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Jan 16, 2013


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