Mbed TLS is now part of TrustedFirmware.org.


No hassle philosophy

Implementing security in applications or systems should be easy and straightforward. We provide a simple and effective SSL library that makes it easy to use cryptography and SSL/TLS in your developments. mbed TLS is designed to be readable, documented, tested, low profile, loosely coupled and portable.

mbed TLS Features

What does mbed TLS offer?
Happiness for developers!
First and foremost mbed TLS is made for and by developers. The feedback we receive from people using our library doesn't beat around the bush. They love using mbed TLS! Want to see what people say?
Fully featured SSL/TLS and cryptography library
mbed TLS is a fully featured and standards compliant SSL library offering server and client functionality in a neat little package. Check out our Core Features for more details!
Easy licensing
mbed TLS is primarily licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. A packaged version is available under the GPL as well. For more details, see how to get mbed TLS.
Developer support
Our site includes an extensive Knowledge Base with articles on many aspects of using and developing with mbed TLS. Our Discussion Forum provides support for unanswered questions. And all our customers have direct access to e-mail support.

Features (for developers)

mbed TLS is made with the needs of developers in mind. What does mbed TLS offer developers specifically?
Tested code
mbed TLS is extensively tested with our continuous integration system.
Easy integration with a small memory footprint
Tiny library: mbed TLS's memory footprint can get as small as 30k and averages below 110k.
Easy to understand and use with a clean API
We offer readable code and a logical and readable API with API documentation and examples. Compare this to other SSL products around. You'll love it!
Easy to reduce and expand the code
mbed TLS has no global code and has minimal coupling between its modules. So it's easy to just grab part and drop it into an existing project or add new functionality.
Easy to build with no external dependencies
Except for basic libc calls, mbed TLS has no external dependencies on other libraries.
Extremely portable
mbed TLS is used on many architectures, including x86/x64, ARM, PowerPC, MIPS and Motorola 68000 and OS'es like Windows, Linuxes, Unixes, Apple iOS, FreeRTOS, ThreadX, Android OS, XBox, SEGGER embOS, OpenWRT, eCOS, VxWorks and much more.

Check out our Core Features for more details on the core features!