PolarSSL is now part of ARM Official announcement and rebranded as mbed TLS.

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Releases for mbed TLS

In packaged form, mbed TLS 2.1.0 and higher are available in both an Apache 2.0 licensed version (our primary open source license) and in a GPL 2.0 licensed version.

Latest stable release for mbed TLS

The most current stable version of mbed TLS (2.8.0) was released on 2018-03-16.

You can read more about this release in the Release Notes.

Version SHA-1 checksum
mbed TLS 2.8.0 (Apache) 52bee3a021f6e26c2a50842729aea2dd68a8e494
mbed TLS 2.8.0 (GPL) 71f6882bcaf454561c522ed9e1650b48aa38dc7f

Older versions

All older versions are available from the Download Archive as well.