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Where to add Windows-specific macros

Mar 25, 2017 02:07
Pawel Winogrodzki


I'm currently trying to make my pull request pass the Travis tests. As part of my change I've introduced a macro "MBEDTLS_HAVE_WINSOCK2", which should be used only for Windows builds but it seems I've placed it in the wrong place (config.h), because the Travis check uncomments all the macros it can find there and attempts a build.

Could anyone tell me where such new macros should be placed? I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, Pawel

Apr 3, 2017 07:59
Ron Eldor

Hi Pawel,
config.h is the mbed TLS configuration file for features\modules, and is platform independent. Platform dependent functionality should be compiled under the platform compilation flag.
Please look at net_sockets.c how winsock2.h is added and handled.
mbed TLS Team member