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Porting mbed tls on WinCE 6

Mar 13, 2018 07:23

Hello, I would like to port the mbed tls on to Wince. I have successfully used mbed tls on Windows 10 but I am not able to understand how the same can be used on WInCE 6.0. My development SDK is compatible only in Visual Stduio 2008. So can anyone please suggest how to do this.I have read the topic "Porting mbed TLS to a new environment or OS" but could not do so. Thanks.

Mar 20, 2018 08:39
Krzysztof Stachowiak

Hi Sohan,

Mbed TLS is portable to many different development environments. For many platforms Mbed TLS can be built out of the box, for others you may observe build errors due to the platform or build environment limitations. Overcoming these will require additional work, which has been generally explained in the Knowledge Base article that you have mentioned. We are aware of previous successful deployments of Mbed TLS to Windows CE, although we were not directly involved in those.

I can see there are some problems with using Visual Studio 2008. Unfortunately it provides a limited support for the C language standard C99 which is required by Mbed TLS. For example the lack of stdint.h is mentioned in this forum post. This discussion also mentions problems with time.h.

Whenever you encounter a problem building Mbed TLS you have an option of disabling the troublesome feature. For example if your development environment can't handle time functions, and you don't need them for your program, you may configure Mbed TLS to exclude the time functionality from the build. However if it is required, you will need to work around the environment limitations e.g. by providing an alternative implementation for the missing parts. You may consider looking at this pull request to see how one can approach providing an alternative implementation for a functionality that is missing in a Windows CE development environment.

If you succeed porting Mbed TLS to Windows CE, please consider submitting a pull request with any fixes or modifications that you think may be useful for the Mbed TLS library.

Best regards,


Mbed TLS Team member