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I want to see a Python wrapper :)

Jul 30, 2015 02:07

Hi mbed devs!

This is my friendly request for a python wrapper for your library. I would begin working on this myself but it is way beyond my experience level. I believe that wrapping the library in python would add the largest number of third party app support with mbed and enable it to be used among all Linux distributions with a simple pip install. Thanks for reading my post!

Dec 17, 2015 18:36
Mathias Laurin

Hi Andrew, I have started working on it and I should be finished early next year.

The code is available on github under the Apache 2.0 license (I just chose the same as mbed TLS).

For now, I have wrapped the symmetric cipher module and the hashing module. Tomorrow, I planned to make a new release on PyPi with what I have and start working on the random number generators. After the holidays, I will work on asymmetric encryption/private key crypto and ssl/tls.

I have no intention to wrap tcp/ip communication for now and I do not know yet whether I will do X.509.

I hope you will find something that you can use in there.

The wrapper is written in Cython and now in a very early stage of development so that I do not forbid myself to change the API from one day to the next.