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Extensions for non-blocking mode

Dec 4, 2017 05:12

I am running mbedtls on an SoC containing a proprietary co-operatively multi-tasked operation system.

The entire system gets blocked for 1-2 seconds when mbedtls performs a ECDSA signature generation, verification or ECDH keypair generation. As a result, I developed an extension to perform one small atomic operation at a time (taking about 1-2 ms) and then queue up the next atomic operation to execute at a later time. I call this as non-blocking mode of operation

Even though the queuing API provided by our OS is proprietary and not present in any standard operating system, I am keen on sharing my extensions with the community,

Is there a form or a proper process to follow to request to share my extensions and possibly integrate it with the library?



Dec 4, 2017 14:13
Ron Eldor

Hi Prasana,
Thank you for your interest in Mbed TLS, and for your suggestion to contribute this important feature!
Although we really appreciate your suggestion, we have been working on a very similar feature, and we will introduce it in the coming months.
Mbed TLS Team member