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Uninitialized value in mbedtls_mpi_read_binary implementation

Sep 11, 2017 08:54


Here: https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbedtls/blob/development/library/bignum.c

in function mbedtls_mpi_read_binary

the variable "int ret" must be initialized as non-zero value, and before cleanup it should be set to zero.

Sep 11, 2017 10:35
Ron Eldor

HI Nikolay,
Thank you for your interest in Mbed TLS!
If you expand the MACRO MBEDTLS_MPI_CHK you would notice the following:

#define MBEDTLS_MPI_CHK(f) do { if( ( ret = f ) != 0 ) goto cleanup; } while( 0 )

This means, that ret will always be assigned a value before it is returned to the caller.
Mbed TLS Team member

Sep 11, 2017 13:50

Oh, yes, sorry. Thanks.