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Tests dependend on MBEDTLS_ECDSA_C

Aug 1, 2017 09:04
Fredrik Axelsson

Building minimal mbedtls libraries, not defining MBEDTLS_ECDSA_C in config.h, causes some tests in tests/ to silently fail. For example, "test_suite_x509parse:X509 Certificate Information EC, SHA1 Digest" fails because it uses the server5-sha1.crt certificate which is signed with "ecdsa-with-SHA1". Tests that uses certificates that are signed with ecdsa should be marked as dependent on MBEDTLS_ECDSA_C to avoid confusion.

Aug 2, 2017 08:46
Ron Eldor

Hi Fredrik,
Thank you for raising this issue!
I have reproduced this issue, and opened a github issue on your name.
mbed TLS Team member