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PolarSSL: (-0x7780) - A fatal alert message

Feb 20, 2018 15:21
Jay Xu

I use this command "curl -v https://ourbits.club" and got a ssl_handshark error:

  • ssl_handsharke returned - PolarSSL: (-0x7780) SSL - A fatal alert message was received from our peer

my version is: mbedTLS/1.3.17, not sure if this is fixed in newer version or not, please help

Feb 21, 2018 15:20
Ron Eldor

Hi Jay,
You should check capture the TCP traffic, to understand when this handhsake error occurs.
I have tried to reproduce your issue, with latest Mbed TLS version, and it doesn't seem to reproduce.
It could be either a change done in Mbed TLS or a fix in CURL done in this PR which supports only Mbed TLS from version 2.0.
I recomend you update your Mbed TLS version to overcome this issue.
Mbed TLS Team member