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Minor problem in test_suite_pk.function

Jan 9, 2018 12:56

Test_suite_pk.function is the only file which declares a "static int rnd_std_rand( void *rng_state, unsigned char *output, size_t len );" inside it's header. Other test suites that do use the rnd_std_rand function as well, do not include it in its header. When compiling I get a "redundant redeclaration of 'rnd_std_rand' " - warning for the test_suite_pk.function.

Jan 9, 2018 15:19
Ron Eldor

HI Trinity,
I have moved this post to this topic, as I find it more suits.
Thank you for reporting this issue! I can't reproduce this issue, so I suspect it is a a compiler version issue. Nonetheless, I have noticed same as you, that rnd_std_rand is declared in the test_suite_pk.function file, causing a forward declaration of the function, after it was already defined.
Could you please open a github issue, stating the exact step to reproduce, and your OS version and toolchian, as I don't have these details to open an issue on your behalf.
Thank you in advance.
Mbed TLS Team member