PolarSSL is now part of ARM Official announcement and rebranded as mbed TLS.

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mbedtls_ssl_cache_entry Struct Reference

This structure is used for storing cache entries. More...

#include <ssl_cache.h>

Collaboration diagram for mbedtls_ssl_cache_entry:

Data Fields

mbedtls_time_t timestamp
mbedtls_ssl_session session
mbedtls_x509_buf peer_cert

Detailed Description

This structure is used for storing cache entries.

Definition at line 67 of file ssl_cache.h.

Field Documentation

mbedtls_ssl_cache_entry* mbedtls_ssl_cache_entry::next

chain pointer

Definition at line 76 of file ssl_cache.h.

mbedtls_x509_buf mbedtls_ssl_cache_entry::peer_cert

entry peer_cert

Definition at line 74 of file ssl_cache.h.

mbedtls_ssl_session mbedtls_ssl_cache_entry::session

entry session

Definition at line 72 of file ssl_cache.h.

mbedtls_time_t mbedtls_ssl_cache_entry::timestamp

entry timestamp

Definition at line 70 of file ssl_cache.h.

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